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Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival.

Group show: Easton Pearson, Akira, Gail Sorronda, Ginger & Smart, Lee Mathews.

An equally fashion obsessed friend and myself went along to a MBFF group show last Thursday in City Hall.

I’m loving the new season shapes and colours. Fabulous flowing designs with loose, slouchy silhouettes. This seasons colour palette is colourful again, but in slightly muted tones.

Easton and Pearson teamed wide legged pants with kaftan like tops. While the rest of their collection was based on lady like dresses with cinched waists in layered gingham.

Ginger & Smart bucked the overall trend somewhat with geometric prints and body hugging dresses. Gail Sorrenda used her signature black and white but threw in splashes of colour.

With the weather warming up I’m so excited to start building a summer wardrobe!

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